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What we spend and how we spend it

This section includes financial information about NHS Dudley CCG

Each year the CCG publish the Annual Report and Accounts which includes information relating to financial statements, budgets, variance and audit reports. Our most recent report is available to read below

Our Annual Reports and accounts from previous years are available below

We are committed to improve the transparency on how public funds are used, therefore details of all individual invoices; grant payments; expense payments or other such transactions that are over £25,000 are published below.



This data will be published monthly in a csv format. In order to view the data in a readable format, the user is advised to open the files in Excel and adjust the column widths. Please Note:Dudley CCG can take no responsibility for the contents of these files once they have been downloaded from this web-site. If you require additional details, please direct any queries to: dudleyccg.foi@nhs.net

Capital Funding

Our Capital Programme is agreed annually at the start of the financial year by the Board. A copy of the programme for 2019/20 is included in the Financial Budget 2019/20 report that was presented to the CCG’s Board meeting on 28 March 2019. Click here to view a copy of the report.

Staff and Board Members (salaries, allowances and expenses)

CCG roles are graded in line with the NHS Job Evaluation Scheme.  The pay (with the exception of Very Senior Managers Pay) is determined using grade structures for our staff (clinical and non clinical) and are as per the NHS Agenda for Change pay band structures.

Progression through all incremental pay points in all pay bands are conditional on individuals demonstrating that they meet locally agreed performance requirements using our values based Personal Development Review process

Our Annual Report give more detailed information on various allowances for our Governing Body Members and the Senior Management Team.

For details of our Governing Body Members and the Senior Management Teams pensions and allowances, please see our Annual Report and Accounts (link to this section once created)

Procurement and Tendering

It’s important that the services which the CCG commissions are subject of robust, fair and transparent procurement procedures to ensure that the quality of services are achieved and maintained, facilitating greater choice for patients and securing best value for money with public resources.

The CCG’s current Procurement Strategy can be found here.

Details of contracts currently being tendered by Dudley CCG can be found on the Contracts Finder website

For details of contracts awarded and their value, please see our Procurement Register