The services we commission

The services we commission for Dudley people are from a number of providers, below you can see performance details from a few of them.

The services we commission

We are responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) health services for Dudley people. The types of services we commission include:

  • Elective hospital care;
  • Rehabilitation care;
  • Urgent and emergency care;
  • Most community health services;
  • Mental health and learning disability services

Information on our local NHS providers can be found here


What’s Up, Doc Your Guide to Dudley CCG

Meet Happy Doc a character created to explain what a Clinical Commissioning Group is and what the priorities are for Dudley CCG.

‘What’s Up Doc’, is based on an original concept by Leeds South and East CCG

What’s Up, Doc Your Guide to Dudley CCG with Subtitles

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