Our board

Come & join us at our bi monthly public Board meetings. Find out about our members & view papers.

Our board

Please click on a board member to view more details, and to hear the Clinical Executives talk about their roles. Please click here to view our current board meetings and papers.

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Board members

Dr David Hegarty


Paul Maubach

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Hartland

Chief Finance and Operating Officer

Caroline Brunt

Chief Nurse

Dr Ruth Edwards

Clinic Executive for Quality & Safety

Dr Jonathan Darby

Clinical Exec for Acute & Community Commissioning

Tony Allen

Lay Member for Governance

Helen Mosley

Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement

Chris Handy

Lay Member for Quality

Tim Horsburgh

Clinical Executive for Primary Care

Dr Purshotam Gupta

Board Member

Dr Fiona Rose

Board Member

Neill Bucktin

Director of Commissioning

Stephanie Cartwright

Director of OD and HR

Laura Broster

Director of Comms & Public Insight

Dr Mo Mandiratta

Board Member

Deb Harkin

Board Member

Martin Samuels

Board Member

Andrea Crew

Board Member

Alan Johnson

Board Member

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