The Mental Capacity Act


The Mental Capacity Act

What is the Mental Capacity Act?

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) s a law that came into force in 2007 and is designed to protect and empower individuals who may lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions about their care and treatment. This law applies to individuals aged 16 and over.

Examples of people who may lack capacity include those with:

  • dementia
  • a severe learning disability
  • a brain injury
  • mental health condition
  • a stroke
  • unconsciousness caused by an anaesthetic or sudden accident

However, just because a person has one of these conditions does not necessarily mean they lack the capacity to make a specific decision.

To find out more about the Mental Capacity Act visit the NHS Choices website here.


Using the Mental Capacity Act

This link will take you to a video which explains the MCA and how it can protect the right to make choices. It was produced by SCIE


The Department of Health Z- Card 

The Department of Health z-card available here provides key information about the principles of the Mental Capacity Act and about Advance Decisions and Lasting power of Attorney


Making Descisions & Planning For the Future

The Projects public information leaflet is now available in a range of languages which can be accessed here along with the original version of the leaflet here.

If you wish to print off a leaflet in a specific language- the languages covered and their page range are given below:

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  • Urdu             81-90

Resources & Useful Information

The Five Principles of the Mental Capacity Act

What you should consider to ensure you are protected by the Act

Assessing capacity and best interest decisions

Decision Makers

Community DoLS

DNAR Scenario

Advance decisions Factsheet

Court Appointed Deputies Factsheet

Court of Protection Factsheet

Lasting Power of Attorney Factsheet

Restraint Factsheet

Independent MCA Advocate Factsheet

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Factsheet


 Training Video & Resource Pack

MCA Training Resource Pack

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