Dudley Multi-specialty Community Provider

MCP Consultation

Dudley CCG has now finished its public consultation to help shape the development of Dudley Multi-specialty Community Provider (MCP).

Please click here for the full report or if you would like to read the Executive Summary of this report in large font, please click here.

What did we want your views on?

The  consultation was to ask your views to help us ensure that the new Dudley MCP is organised in the best possible way to meet your needs. We were asking views on four key areas so that we could take into account your thoughts and ideas before we begin the conversation with the organisations who want to be part of the new MCP.

These areas are:

  1. Details of services included in the MCP contract (scope)
  2. The targets we expect them to achieve for Dudley people (outcomes)
  3. A description of the way that we expect the MCP to operate (characteristics)
  4. An expectation on how they will use technology to improve access (for example easier telephone/online access system)

 More Information

We know you will have more questions, please see below additional information;

  • MCP Consultation document here
  • Large print consultation document here 
  • MCP Doodle Ad here
  • Frequently Asked Questions can be found here
  • MCP Consultation Slide Pack here
  • MCP Prospectus describing the proposed characteristics for the MCP can be found here
  • MCP Outcomes Framework can be found here
  • MCPOutcomes Schedule can be found here
  • MCP Service Scope can be found here
  • The document describing the proposed integrated telephone access system can be found here

Please note the documents above are the documents Dudley CCG consulted on. To view the most recent MCP documents click here


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