Commissioning a MCP

Multi-Specialty Community Provider

MCP Procurement

The MCP procurement has now begun. This has been advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union and Contracts Finder. The full suite of documentation can be accessed here

The following documents provide further information in terms of:-

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For information on the procurement launch see our press release here
For information on the outcome of the PQQ stage of the procurement please see our press release A Step Closer to Dudley Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP) Press Release

We have also listed below key points about the MCP Procurement:

  • Dudley CCG has launched the MCP procurement-for sustainable implementation of improvements to the way care is delivered to local people.
  • During our involvement events and our public consultation, local people said they wanted improvements to access, continuity & coordination, see feedback. The MCP is designed to respond to this. A short doodle ad explains the MCP here.
  • Dudley MCP will use the new national accountable care organisation contract which contains safeguards for a longer term contract, including break points.
  • The MCP contract framework also provides for evolution over time at appropriate points, responding to changing circumstances.
  • The length of the MCP contract allows for innovation and investment in population health and stability for the local health and care system.
  • The MCP contract focuses on delivering better integrated care & the outcomes we want for our population.
  • The award of the MCP contract will be looked at by both NHSE/I through the Integrated Support and Assurance Process (ISAP).
  • The ISAP process ensures that the MCP contract is set up in a sustainable way to deliver improvements & ensure risks are identified/managed.
  • The ISAP process was developed to address the concerns raised in previous NHS procurements.
  • The procurement for a Dudley MCP is fixed price, so our decision making focuses on achieving best value & outcomes for local people.
  • The Prior Information Notice was issued last year to prepare the market for procurement. GPs have been forming partnerships since then.
  • Extensive involvement and consultation with Dudley people informed the procurement process and IPTD questions.
  • A 15 year contract is designed to move from an adversarial, transactional relationship to a partnership based on long term investment for population health gain.

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