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How we make decisions

Board Papers, Agendas and Minutes

Details about  CCG Governing Body in common meetings and papers for the current financial year can be found here.

The agendas and papers from previous financial years can be accessed by following the links below:

Black Country and West Birmingham Joint Health Commissioning Board

The Black Country and West Birmingham Joint Health Commissioning Board (JHCB) is established in accordance with the constitution for the four CCGs: Dudley, Sandwell and West Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

The purpose of the JHCB is, on behalf of the four CCGs, to have overarching responsibility for all matters relating to the commissioning of healthcare services across the Black Country and West Birmingham footprint. Some of these matters include:

  • Developing common Black Country and West Birmingham wide strategic commissioning plans and monitoring the implementation of them within each CCG area.
  • Providing assurance to the CCGs’ Governing Bodies on delivery against system-based objectives.
  • Receiving assurances via its established sub-committees regarding place-based delivery where this is specific to local places.
  • Ensuring the four CCGs are working collaboratively in exercising their functions for the improvement of the services they commission.

To view the Terms of Reference for the JHCB, click here

The Joint Health Commissioning Board will meet on a bi-monthly basis and these meetings will be held in public. Due to the current pandemic, meetings will be held virtually and a live stream of these meetings will be available below just before the meeting is due to start.

The Joint Health Commissioning Board is committed to openness and transparency, and conducts as much of its business as possible in a session that members of the public are welcome to attend and observe, subject to available space. The current pandemic has meant that our meetings are held virtually so we will be live streaming the meeting. The link to the meeting will be available on the day of the meeting.

The Board meeting, although held in public, is not a public meeting and as such there is no opportunity for the public to ask questions.

Whilst there is no opportunity for questions to be raised in the meeting itself, members of the public are welcome to submit any questions they may have to communications.bcwb@nhs.net and a written response will be provided.

The Board also holds meetings in closed session where confidential items of business are discussed.


The meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 11 August at 1pm, please click on the link below to view:


Papers are available to view here

1pm to 2.30pm

More details available soon

1pm to 2.30pm

More details available soon

1pm to 2.30pm

More details available soon

Internal Communications Guidance & Criteria for Decision Making

The CCG has an agreed Constitution which sets out how we operate. It outlines how decisions are reached and what procedures are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

The Constitution is divided into 10 parts and associated Appendices which set out basic rules governing the CCG’s business. Some of these processes are required by law, while others are a matter for the the CCG to choose.

Application of the provisions in the Constitution is monitored by the Audit Committee and any updates to the Constitution agreed through the CCG Board before being submitted for approval to NHS England.

A copy of the Constitution and the supporting Governance Handbook are available here:

How we develop business cases

Please see below templates we used internally when preparing business cases to ensure we gather the evidence for change