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Health chiefs urge parents to get children immunised against measles

Following a number of measles outbreaks across the West Midlands health chiefs in Dudley are urging parents to get their children vaccinated.

Measles is serious. It can lead to pneumonia and encephalitis, and it can kill. Over 100 cases of measles have been confirmed across parts of the West midlands with over half requiring hospital admission.

Parents in Dudley whose children have not received the full vaccination should contact their GP to arrange for this to be done.

Deborah Harkins, Director of Public Health in Dudley said: “Measles can be a very serious infection for children, that can spread very rapidly if you are not immunised. Whilst the uptake of MMR vaccine in Dudley is relatively high, we must ensure local children who have not had the vaccine at around one year of age and booster before they start school are immunised against measles to reduce the risk of an outbreak in Dudley like we have seen in other parts of the West Midlands.”

“The only way for parents to make sure their child is fully protected is to ensure they have received both doses of MMR vaccine. Whilst in the past there have been concerns that may have led to parents not taking up the offer of MMR vaccination for their children, I would like to reassure parents that there is no evidence that this vaccination is harmful to children’s health. The risk of serious illness and disability is higher for children who have not been immunised. So if your child has not received their full MMR vaccination, I would urge you to contact your GP to arrange for your child to receive their vaccinations.”

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