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At Dudley CCG the patient and public voice plays a key part in our decision making process.

Our commitment to this is summarised in our Constitution through the following statement, Dudley CCG complies with the following principles when engaging with the public:


  1. that public involvement occurs at all stages of decision making: planning of the commissioning arrangements; development and consideration of proposals for changes in commissioning arrangements; and decisions affecting the operation of the commissioning arrangements.
  2. working collaboratively with our partners to ensure we engage the widest possible audience, using a variety of methods tailored to specific needs of different patient groups and communities, and actively seeking out the views of those groups most vulnerable to widening health inequalities.
  3. ensuring clarity about the purpose of engagement and focusing on engagement as a means of service improvement.
  4. valuing the feedback that the public give us and allowing adequate time and resource for this.
  5. listening and taking account of all views – even those which may conflict with an organisationally favoured decision.
  6. ensuring that we truly understand our public feedback; accurately represent all views and act appropriately on the basis of feedback received.
  7. demonstrating responsible leadership by being transparent about our rationale.
  8. publishing information about health services.
  9. at all times seeking to build trust and reciprocity and to offer respect and empathy towards all stakeholders



We are passionate about developing an organisational culture which supports an empowering and collaborative approach to communications and engagement. As an organisation we will be:


  • Confident – by working in a way which increases people’s skills, knowledge and confidence – and instils a belief that they can make a difference.
  • Inclusive – by working in a way that ensures there is no discrimination when determining our priorities and we will continue to challenge inequality and exclusion. We recognise and value the diversity in our community and we will promote equality of opportunity and good relations between individuals and groups.
  • Organised – by working in a way which brings people together around common issues and concerns in organisations and groups that are open, democratic and accountable.
  • Co-operative – by working in a way which builds positive relationships across groups, identifies common messages, develops and maintains links to national bodies and promotes partnership working.
  • Influential – by working in a way which encourages and equips communities to take part and influence decisions, services and activities.


These principles and our approach are detailed in the Communications and Involvement Strategy available to view in full here

or click here to view in summary.





We know it is really important to let you know how we have listened and what changes we have made as a result of your feedback.

Please click here to find out how we have listened.


Ways to get involved and find out information



Social media

Social media is a great opportunity for us to listen and have conversations with the people we wish to influence.

It not only allows us to make announcements (e.g. health news, service information, up-coming events), it allows people to respond to whatever we post and encourages conversation and feedback. Unlike other methods of promotion, social media encourages two way communications in real time.



Facebook allows us to share news, pictures and videos, and also have discussions with the public.

By ‘liking’ our page, users will see our updates in their news feed and can comment on them or share them with their friends. They can also share their news and comments with us! We currently have over 1090 followers which we aim to increase each month. Many of our GP Practices are using Facebook too as a way of communicating with their patients and keeping them up to date on practice news.

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We use Twitter to share snippets of health news and local information, or to have a direct conversation with our partners and other Twitter users.

We currently have over 5500 followers. We are always looking to increase our number of followers and encourage people to follow and tweet us and to help spread our messages to their friends and family.

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Our website is a portal to communicate and engage with members of the public. We want to ensure that people can easily access information on the CCG and the services available to them by constantly updating the information available to them in the past year and actively engaging them on important topics. To make the information we share easy to understand we have used images and videos more frequently which has also made it easier to feed into our social media channels.


Patient Participation Groups (PPG)

We support all of our 45 practices to have a PPG. PPGs work with the practice to make suggestions and improvements and to offer a patient perspective.


Patient Opportunity Panel (POPs)

The POPs meeting is made up of members of our Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) from our local practices. Meetings take place every 2 months and we encourage each PPG to send along members to join in. The Lay Member for Patient & Public Involvement on Dudley CCG Board chairs the meeting which enables feedback to go directly to board and then be fed back to the group. The POPs members decide which issues they wish to discuss and take to board. 


Healthcare Forum (HCF)

Every 3 months we hold a public meeting called the Healthcare Forum (HCF). It’s chaired by local GPs and it’s an opportunity to find out more about what the CCG are up to and to share your views, opinions and experiences on what it’s like to be a patient, carer or part of the community in Dudley borough. We talk about lots of different things – from developing a Multi-Specialty Community Provider to the prescribing of medicines and you get to meets lots of people!  Meetings are friendly and relaxed and we always offer a warm cuppa and a bite to eat.


Feet on the Street

The team regularly go out and about around the borough for Feet on the Street. Our GPs set us a task or question to ask and our job is to get normal people like you to share their view – we simply record you on our camcorder and we pop up all over the place. If it’s cold we might buy you a cuppa and sit in a café with you for a bit. We know not everyone wants to come to a public meeting so we don’t mind coming out to you. The footage then gets shown at our Board meetings for debate and uploaded on to our You Tube channel. We also use twitter #tweetonthestreet


Tell us your story of using services

It is really valuable when you take time to tell us and the service providers about your experiences. There are a number of ways you can do this, complete any patient experience survey that you receive, download the Mi Experience Application to your smart phone and feedback each time you use services, complete a friends and Family Test card, visit NHS Choices or Patient Opinion or write into us or your service provider to share your story.

Our Patient Experience Strategy is available to view here


Keeping you informed

We aim to keep you up to date on our latest news and developments in Dudley.

We gain positive press coverage for Dudley CCG through a variety of proactive activities including issuing press releases and case studies and arranging briefings and interviews for the media. Our news releases aim to keep you informed of latest news, changes to local services, board meeting and other events.

We receive significant coverage from local publications all of which is reported to our board as part of the patient & public voice update.

In addition to this we publicise all of our public board papers on the CCG website and produce a quarterly stakeholder newsletter.

If you would like to join our mailing list please click here

Alternatively click here to complete our contact form and send to or post; FAO:Keren Hodgson, Dudley CCG, Brierley Hill Health and Social Care Centre, Venture Way, Brierley Hill, DY5 1RU



We are committed to making information accessible for you. All organisations that provide NHS or adult social care must follow the accessible information standard by law.


The aim of the accessible information standard is to make sure that people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss get information that they can access and understand, and any communication support that they need.


Patients in Dudley with a communication need can request information from us or one of our 46 GP Practices in the following formats, 

  • Large print
  • Easy Read
  • Braille
  • Via email
  • Alternative languages
  • Or other professional support if required, like British Sign Language (BSL)

You can download an Accessible Information Request Form here which you can complete and hand in to your practice:


Before we carry out any engagement, we always look at what we know already. We do this by:

  • Checking our Duty to Report. This details all engagement and consultation activities that have taken place, click here to view
  • Using any data we have collected through patient experience
  • Considering any feedback from the groups that we have been in touch with
  • Checking information that some of our partners might hold such as Healthwatch
  • Looking at the information that an Equality Impact Assessment tells us


In addition we work with our partners such as Healthwatch and The Centre for Equality & Diversity to ensure we hear the voices of those groups who we do not necessarily have a relationship with.

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