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Wow, what a year! – Paul Maubach

The New Care Models Zone is one of four feature zones at this year’s Health and Care Innovation Expo. The zone will explore the progress made by the 50 vanguards developing and testing new models of care that can be replicated across different health economies. Paul Maubach, reflects on some of the achievements of Dudley Multispecialty Community Provider vanguard and takes a look ahead at this year’s event.


The last 12 months have been some of the most exciting and rewarding of my career. I am really proud of the transformation that we have initiated in Dudley through our All Together Better Partnership as part of the new care models programme. Together we have achieved so much in such a short space of time, highlights include:

  • establishing multi-disciplinary teams in every Dudley practice – some of which now include hospital consultants;
  • introducing a new locally relevant Dudley outcomes framework to replace the Quality and Outcomes Framework;
  • over 1000 people have benefited from our new Integrated Plus service which connects our services and points to the local voluntary sector.
  • we are concluding our public consultation which will influence the procurement of an MCP in the borough.

We are seeing some encouraging changes to the care that people receive in Dudley, for example:

  • the average Length of Stay for ambulatory care sensitive (ACS) conditions is now below national average;
  • ACS Emergency Admissions arising from Influenza & Pneumonia down 9.45% on previous year; Asthma down by 7% and Angina by 9%;
  • we have increased the number of advanced care plans in place from just 100 in November 2015 to 1600 in June 2016.

This year we are showcasing our work once again, in particular focusing on the transition to a new care model. We are leading a pop-up university session at Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016 with South Somerset Symphony Programme vanguard to explore our system design journeys which will deliver better health outcomes in Dudley and Somerset.


A key reflection that I would like to share is that in this journey that we have embarked on together as national vanguards; there is a continual risk that either we, or those who are watching and commentating on us, immediately defer to discussing new forms of organisation rather than new forms of care – and discussions on why one organisational form might be better than another, when actually they all have more in common than in difference.


Organisations are important – they provide the mechanisms for good governance and public accountability as well as the opportunity for shared identity and a structure and security for our staff. So ultimately we need the right form of organisations with the right incentives, values and ambition in order to deliver what is required.


However, the NHS Five Year Forward View (FYFV) started with the proposition that we need new models of care, not necessarily new organisational forms ‘we intend to support and stimulate the creation of a number of major new care models’. It started by looking at the population and patient requirements and how we need to respond to the challenges that it presents.


I think that the FYFV has for the first time given us the opportunity to consider how to bring intelligent design of the structure and systems of care within which we operate; and to change them so that they are re-engineered around our core purpose – to deliver both patient-centred and population-centred care.


We are developing a Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP) because it is the right model to deliver the population health outcomes that we need. At Expo we will share our insight, learning and progress so far in developing the Dudley MCP. At the pop up session you will hear from front line staff and managers about the challenges of securing engagement, preparing a service specification and whole population budget and realising system benefits.


Last year I blogged after Expo on the event itself and my reflections on taking the time out to celebrate our successes and be inspired by the great work in other vanguards. I’m looking forward to doing the same this year.




Don made us an offer we can’t refuse – Paul Maubach

Professor Don Berwick visited the UK this week to see how vanguards across the country are working on developing new models of care and to share his insight and knowledge with them. Paul Maubach, Chief Executive at Dudley CCG reflects on the visit

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