Engagement & Consultations

If we've got something going on that we need your views on - you'll find it here. You will also be able to see past engagement and consultations here.

Engagement & Consultations

As a commissioning organisation it is really important that we ask for your views on services and that we listen to those views. We want you to be able to shape the services that you use and tell us what works well, what doesn’t work well and what you would like to see changed.


Design session for Personalised Care & Support Plans

Are you a patient or carer for a patient living in Dudley with a long term physical health condition? If you are, then we would like your help!

If you’re thinking what do we mean by a long term physical health condition, it’s illnesses such as diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure, heart disease and arthritis for example. In Dudley, 1 in 5 of us are living with a long term condition and we want to support patients to manage their own conditions and to make personalised goals as part of their care planning process. We would love to hear about your views and give you the opportunity to help shape how we do things in Dudley and make a difference to patient.

Our design workshop will take place on Tuesday 25th September, 12pm until 4pm in a local venue and places will be limited. Lunch will be included and we are a nice and friendly bunch! This is your opportunity to get involved and share your experiences. To find out more or book your place, please contact h.codd@nhs.net or ring Helen on 01384 321719


Retirement of Dr Mittal and closure of Crestfield Surgery, Halesowen

 On 28th September 2018, Dr Mittal will be retiring form General Practice. The Practice operates as a single handed practice and as such, Crestfield Surgery will be closing permanently on this date.

As a CCG, we are responsible for ensuring that all of Dr Mittal’s patients have access to a GP. We have written to all households advising patients that they need to register with another practice and provided information on local practices.

A copy of the letter can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact us on 01384 321823


Practice Consultation on proposal to close Wollaston Branch Surgery of Three Villages Medical Practice – Monday 16 July to Wednesday 19th September 2018

Three Villages Medial Practices  are proposing to close their branch surgery at Wollaston and bring all services together under one roof at Stourbridge Health and Social Care Centre.

There are a number of reasons for this proposal:

  • Working across two sites is increasingly difficult; communication, safety, team work
  • Logistics of maintaining an efficient and safe service is increasingly challenging to achieve.
  • Practice budget does not allow us to effectively run two sites without compromises.
  • Enable full utilization of the purpose built building: health centre
  • Have a full complement of clinical skills working from one site
  • Improve staff morale and retention
  • Chaperone availability

The practice would to like hear your views on their proposal and support you with any questions you may have. There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Visit the Three Villages website www.3villages.co.uk to fill in the survey and find out further information including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Contact the surgery on 01384322500 and ask for a paper copy of the survey and a freepost envelope
  • Come to one of the open public meetings we are holding:

Wednesday 25th July, 3.30pm start at Holy Trinity Church Hall, High St, Amblecote, DY8 4JA

Wednesday 8th August, 7.00pm start at St James’ Church, Belfry Drive, Wollaston, DY8 3SE


If you are planning to attend any of the above meetings, please let the Practice know by contacting the Practice Manager, Ms Paula Collins on 01384 322500

To find out more information and to have your say–visit www.3villages.co.uk


Wheelchair Services

At Dudley CCG we are committed to listening to the views of people about the services that we commission (buy). We know a number of you have raised some concerns around the wheelchair services that we commission. Issues include not being able to get a wheelchair assessment and issues with getting wheelchairs repaired and this is due to a change in the way the eligibility criteria has been applied. We would like to reassure you that we are looking into this. The wheelchair policy can be found here and the previous eligibility criteria is now being used to ensure access for all. We will be holding a public consultation in the near future once we have full information of all the issues. Meanwhile, should you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please contact markcurran@nhs.net


Self-care workshop July 2018

On 16th July we held a workshop with Healthwatch Dudley and Public Health Dudley to explore self-care. We know that self-care means different things to different people, whether taking time for yourself to read a book or having a lie in. The workshop focussed on some key areas that people across Dudley had already told us about:

  • The role of the professional
  • The role of carers
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Long term illnesses
  • Minor ailments

A world café approach was facilitated and participants moved around to look at each area. The feedback from the workshop will be used to develop a resource kit which will help us to dig further into  our local communities to really understand how it works for different people and will also help shape a strategy for self-care across Dudley


End of Life workshop May 2018

In May we held an End of Life workshop with local patients to look at how care works across Dudley and understand what perceptions of people were. The workshop was jointly facilitated with Dr Lucy Martin, GP and Cancer & EOL Lead for Dudley CCG and a report from the session can be found here


CCG Engagement on Moss Grove Surgery Kinver (South East Staffordshire & Seisdon Peninsula CCG) joining Dudley CCG

This consultation is now closed. An update will be shared here soon.


#Mefestival 2017

Our fourth Me Festival was attended by 27 primary schools, 138 students and 37 teachers. Those who attended were able to take part in a number of planned activities including accredited first aid training from Fastaid, theatre production on bullying from Loudmouth, facilitated workshops from Vamos Theatre, Positive Steps Team and Dudley Youth Council and Young Health Champions.

Feedback from students, teachers and staff who supported the event was really positive. To view an update from the event, please click here


Dudley CCG consultation on the proposal to close Coombswood and Tenlands Road Surgery

Our consultation is now closed.

The decision on the application from Stourside Medical Practice to close their branch surgeries was made in public at our committee on the 16th March 2018.

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee considered the business case presented by Stourside Medical Practice, together with all the issues raised during the public  consultation, and approved the application to close. 


Patients registered with Stourside Medical Practice will receive a letter from the practice to make them aware of the impending closure.


Dudley CCG consultation on the application to merge Norton Medical Practice with Lion Health

Our consultation is now closed.

The decision to accept the application to merge Norton Medical Practice with Lion Health was made in public, at the Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting on Friday 16th February 2018.

Details of the meeting can be viewed here


Policy Review for Treatment of Infertility

Specialist fertility treatments, or IVF services, are known by several names within the NHS. You may also see the terms ‘assisted conception services’ or ‘infertility treatments’ used to describe these services. The policy will be reviewed against existing national guidelines, other local CCG policies and we will take into account any complaints or views expressed by the public during the life of our existing policy. A decision will then be taken as to whether the policy should be recommended for any changes. If changes are suggested then we will seek further views from patients and the public. In the meantime, this is an opportunity to contact us and let us have any views which you may have.

This consultation is now closed, this consultation is now closed. We will use any feedback received to to update the 
attached policy if required. 


Commissioning Intentions 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 Consultation

Our consultation is now closed, thank you for your feedback. This will be reviewed and shared shortly.



Suicide Prevention Strategy Workshop

Dudley CCG hosted a Suicide Prevention Strategy workshop on Tuesday 3rd October.  The CCG were impressed with the level of engagement and enthusiasm in the room. The event was attended by 87 people to include a wide range of external partners to include the West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service, Public Health England,  Local Authority colleagues, The Samaritans and a number of  Voluntary and Statutory organisations.

During the day a number of workshops were run interspersed with speakers who served to inspire and support the need to make a difference for the ‘at risk and vulnerable groups’ in Dudley. The active discussions around the table formed part of the process to establish a community wide strategy for Dudley to aim towards a zero suicide ambition. We now have a wealth of information to review which has been shared  to support the development of the strategy.

Initial scanning of the feedback forms suggests the content of the workshop has kick – started the opportunity for people to start to make a difference in their day jobs, It is important that the strategy builds on the work we have started.

Keynote speakers included Jane Boland who represented Merseyside, Suicide Prevention Clinical Lead Centre, Perfect Care, Paul Sanderson, Health & Wellbeing Programme Lead, Public Health England  and Superintendent Sean Russell, Director of Implementation for West Midlands Mental Health Commission.

Items which were presented or shared at the event include below;

  • Presentations
  • Feet on the Street which asked the people of Dudley their thoughts on suicide can be found here


PPG Event

On Tuesday 15th August we held the second PPG event and opened this invite to members of the public as well as members of PPG’s. The event was very successful with over 60 people attending and 19 practices represented. The event had a brief presentation by Steph Cartwright and Dr Gillian Love followed by an opportunity to network and share information with a number of different services and PPG’s attending to showcase their information or experience to support others. This event received very positive feedback as an exciting opportunity to meet others who are already thinking differently.


Redesign of mental health services – proposal to close Birch Day Hospital Consultation – 19th June 2017 until 21st July 2017

Our consultation on Birch Day Hospital is now closed. 

The Public Consultation Period for Birch Day Hospital closing was not restricted to the dedicated timescale. As the development was required to progress through two overview scrutiny panels the period was extended by at least 6-8 weeks. During this time an event was held at Birch Day Hospital for approximately 2hrs where staff and users of the service including family members attended. This was led by Andrew Hindle CCG and Nick Stephens Head of Service. The event was well attended and the main themes were that service users and families felt that services were being cut without awareness of the other parts of the project to allow for new opportunities for service users over 7 days. There was also of course a desire to keep Birch open as a familiar and supportive service known very well to those that used the Day Hospital. Concerns were raised around financial impact/cost to families of any future respite or social care/3rd sector options.

Following the event with Families and Service Users a further public consultation event was staged at Dudley Sports Ground for people to drop in and listen to plans and proposed changes. Unfortunately no public nor staff attending this event that ran from 14:00 until 17:00hrs.

Birch Staff supported service users and families to access the online consultation which was also running. They also supported family and service users to meet Andrew Hindle CCG and Nick Stephens HoS for individual sessions. One of these was arranged following a complaint to the Trust about the closure received by the Trust’s Service Experience Desk. The individual sessions were spread across 3-4 months with approximately 5 families and service users involved.

During the closure period there was also some local newspaper interest with concerns that an actual hospital was closing rather than a Day Service. Both CCG and Trust responded around proposed new developments in the context of Birch closing.

Following consultation and closure of Birch there has not been any adverse comments from patients and families, the new services are progressing and OAs are receiving increased access to the Gateway, a new Young Onset Dementia service developed plus the PTHub providing robust evidence based therapy.


Consultation on draft Decommissioning Policy 12th June 2017 to 14th July 2017

Our consultation is now closed. Thank you for your feedback, this has been reviewed and the policy has since been approved at our Clinical Development Committee. Please find the Decommissioning policy here


Adult Mental Health Needs Assessment for Dudley

Dudley CCG and Dudley Council have now closed the Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Needs Assessment survey, which was part of the public engagement work for the Needs Assessment. The Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Needs Assessment looks at the mental health needs of the whole adult population of Dudley. The Assessment has looked at the need from lots of different angles, including data, public views and partner organisations. The public engagement work is now completed, thank you to all those who participated.


Feedback from the public engagement work for the Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Needs Assessment for Dudley

You told us the following works well…

  • There are lots of examples of good care received from individual healthcare staff
  • Integrated Plus
  • Having regular reviews with your GP
  • Peer support groups


You told us the following could work better…

  • Shorter waiting times for treatment are needed
  • Access to support in a crisis
  • More focus on helping prevent problems from happening in the first place (across the spectrum)


You told us the following could make things better…

  • More joined up working between different services
  • Recognising the links between mental and physical health
  • Greater access to talking therapies
  • Improve training for all healthcare staff on mental health


This feedback and the other information we have gathered for the Needs Assessment will help inform a borough-wide mental health strategy.



Changes to Prescriptions and Medicines in Dudley  Consultation

Dudley CCG has now closed the consultation on Changes to Prescriptions and Medicines in Dudley. 

Please see below overview of survey results or click here to view results in more detail



Multi-specialty Communty Provider (MCP)  Consultation

Dudley CCG has now finished its public consultation to help shape the development of Dudley Multi-specialty Community Provider (MCP).

Please click here for the full report or if you would like to read the Executive Summary of this report in large font, please click here.


PPG Event

On Wednesday 1st March we held the first PPG event, inviting all members of PPG’s, practice staff and some of our Vanguard Engagement Group members. The event was well attended with 55 attendee’s representing 18 practices. With the health and social care landscaping changing radically and at pace we felt it was time to ask about the future of PPG’s and whether it is time to start thinking and being different. The event heard from a number of speakers and participants were provided with the opportunity to discuss what they felt needed to change and be done locally. We have received lots of positive feedback since the event and are hoping to put on another event later this year.

#Mefestival 2016

Our third Me Festival was attended by 29 primary schools, 126 students and 40 teachers. Fast Aid delivered first Aid training to 23 of the 29 schools.  This was the first year we delivered Me Festival to primary schools and the feedback from students, teachers and staff who supported the event was really positive. To view a brief update from the event, please click here.









Healthcare Forum

Thursday 20th September 2018, 12.30pm  at Revival Fires, Apostolic Revival Centre, Dudley, DY1 3AL



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